Dandruff---treatment and tips

Dandruff - Causes and remedies

What is dandruff?
Dandruff, also known as scurf or Pityriasis simplex capillitii, affects the scalp and causes flakes of skin to appear. It is a common condition involving an increased rate of shedding of dead epidermal (outer layer of the skin) cells of the scalp that causes flaky, white to grayish scales to form, and is usually accompanied by itching.

Dandruff is sometimes caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold.
Excessive oil.
Fungal/Yeast infection.


Scaly white patches on the shoulder.
Red patches on the scalp.

Dandruff causes hair loss- This is not true, dandruff does not contribute to hair loss.

Washing the hair often may increase the condition- This is again not true, infact mild cases of dandruff may need nothing more than daily shampooing with a gentle cleanser.

Treatment/ Home remedies/ Natural remedies / Herbal remedies

1.) Mild cases of dandruff may need nothing more than daily shampooing with a gentle cleanser. Surprisingly Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo has been proven affective for few than many leading anti- dandruff shampoo's in the market.

2.) White vinegar is the most commonly used as a home remedy for dandruff. Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with 6 tablespoons of water and apply the mixture on you scalp. Leave it for about half an hour to one hour and wash your hair well till the smell of vinegar wears off. Few experts even recommend to leave the vinegar overnight.

3.) Leave the curd outside at room conditions to ferment for 2/3 days. Apply in on the scalp thoroughly and allow it to dry. Once dried rinse your hair with water and shampoo.

4.) Mix equal portions of almond oil and olive oil. Apply the mixture generously on the scalp and leave it for half an hour unless you feel the tingling sensation. Rinse it with water and shampoo later. Even if does not help your dandruf you are sure to get a shiny smooth hair.

5.) Soak half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds overnight in water. Grind it the next morning into a smooth paste and apply it in the scalp and hair. Leave for not more than half an hour and wash it away. This cools your body instantly and may cause cold if left in the hair for a long time.

6.) Aspirin is not only a cure for bodyaches, but has been used as a cure for dandruff for ages. Crush or powder 2 or 3 aspirins and mix it with shampoo that you regularly use. If possible apply the shampoo and leave it for 5 minutes before you wash your hair. Make sure you have washed your hair thoroughly with water.

7.) Lemon juice is a good cure for dandruff, since the acidic properties in the lemon help to get rid of any fungal infection. Take fresh lemon juice and mix it with water or olive oil and gently massage it on your scalp and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash your hair as usual with shampoo and water.

8.) This is one of the basic remedies followed for ages in dandruf treatment. Apply/ massage plain old extra virgin olive oil . Then take a warm damp towel and wrap it on your head for few minutes.

9.) Try using shampoos with more of zinc, resorcin, pyriphionate and selenium sulphide.

10.) The Indian vegetable snakegourd's juice has also proven to be effective aganist dandruff.

A cleaner scalp is the best way to prevent dandruff. Wash your hair regularly atleast thrice a week and do not share combs.

Proper blood circulation to the scalp is a great way to prevent dandruff. Combing regularly or massaging the head is a great way to prevent dandruff.

Avoid using hairstyling products. Products like hairstyling mousse, hairspray etc. can increase dandruff.

As like many other conditions stress may trigger dandruff

Have a balanced diet. Try to include a lot of zinc, B-vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

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Dandruff - Causes and remedies

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