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Diet plays an important role in keeping the sugar-level under control. When a person is diagnosed as diabetic, he/she is referred to a dietician for assistance in analysing food habits and to draw up a diet-chart. However, it is the doctor who recommends the type of diet and the amount of calories the person should consume which, in turn, depends on the health status and the amount of oral drugs or insulin being taken. 

Some important points to remember if you are a diabetic on diet control:

Food prohibited (Do not take at all):
Glucose, sugar, honey, jaggery and sweets.

Food to avoid:

These should not be usually consumed. However, to avoid craving and a monotonous daily diet, you can take these once in a while.

  •  Coconut in cooking.
  •  Deep fried dishes like puri, paratha, samosa, vada, bajji, etc.
  •  Vegetables like potato, sweet potato, beetroot, yam, arbi, etc.
  •  All nuts and dried fruits like peanuts, almonds, cashewnuts, etc.
  •  Sweets, cakes, pastries, ice creams, jam, jelly, marmalade and soft drinks.
  •  Beer and sweet wines.
  •  Fruits like grapes, mango, chiku and sugarcane
  •  Use only unsaturated oils, like saffola, sunflower, olive oil etc.
Free foods:

If a diabetic feels hungry even after eating his/her permissible quota, the person may consume low calorie food called free foods. These give a feeling of fullness.

  • Fresh salads made of cabbage, onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish and capsicum with only lime, salt, pepper or chat masala. Do not add any salad dressing like mayonnaise, olive oil etc.
  • Black tea or coffee without sugar.
  • Lemon juice without sugar.
  • Clear soups and rasam without butter or oil.

Food exchange list:

You cannot eat the same food for a long time. Also while eating out or travelling we think of an exchange list, which means a substitute. Exchanges can be done only within the same group, and on the same day. No carry forwards please.

  • Milk exchange list
1 glass (250 ml) of toned milk can be substituted for:
Each portion contains 80 calories.
Approx weight/volume (household measures).
Skimmed milk 11/3 glasses
(375 ml).
Buttermilk 4 glasses (1000 ml).
Curd 1 cup (130 gm).
Fresh paneer one piece (50 gm).
Ice cream 1 small cup (100 gm).
  • Meat and fish
Each portion contains 80 calories.
Mutton 3 pieces 67 gms (raw).
Chicken 1 breast 73 gms (raw).
Egg (hen) 1 large (75 gms).
  • Fish
Hilsa 1 piece (29 gms).
Pomfret white 2-3 piece (100 gms).
Prawn 8-10 pieces (100 gms).
Shrimp (small) 10 pieces (22 gms).
  • Cereals
      • Each portion contains 80 cals
  • Chapatti 1 app. 6" diameter
  • (25 gms).
  • Rice (boiled) 1 small cup
  • (25 gms) uncooked.
  • Dosai plain ½ app. 10" diameter (40 gms)
  • Idli 1 piece (medium size) (56 gms).
  • Bread 2 pieces small or 1 large piece (32 gms)
  • Noodles ½ cup (22 gms) uncooked
  • Vermicili ½ cup (22 gms) uncooked
  • Salt biscuits 6 pieces (15 gms).
  • Sweet biscuits 3 pieces (18 gms).
  • Rice flake 1 small cup (25 gm).
  • Rice puffed 2 cups (25 gms).
  • * Fruits: Banana ½ medium size (50 gms).
  • Dates 2 pieces (15 gms).
  • Mango 11/2 slices (70 gms).
  • Grapes 25 pieces (80 gms).
  • Apple 1 medium (80 gms).
  • Guava 1 medium (100 gms).
  • Jamun 15 pieces (80 gms).
  • Water melon ¼ small (175 gms).
  • Jack fruit 3 (medium pieces) (60 gms).

Alcohol should be avoided if diabetes is not under control and if there are other complications. If you cannot keep off it, then it is safer to consume hard liquors like rum, brandy, whisky or gin. Avoid beer or sweet wines. Alcohol should not be consumed on empty stomach and should be limited to 2 ounces a day. When drinking, a diabetic should eat salads and not the usual snacks. The calorie content of the salad, snack or drink should be adjusted with the day's diet.

Fasting for a diabetic

The metabolism of the body is altered when a person fasts. This adversely affects the diabetic state. Avoid total fasting. Consult your doctor before you fast.


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