Indian food to help increase Nursing Mother's Milk

1) Dried Fish.
2) Leafy Vegetables and in particular Green Spinach.
3) Bitter Gourd.
4) Fenugreek soaked in buttermilk.
5) Garlic pods (at least 6-7) fried in Ghee and can be had after every meal.
6) Milagu Rasam, Garlic Rasam.
7) Jeera
8) Methi seeds
9) Suraikkai
10) Plenty of fruits and vegetables
11) Alfalfa : It could be taken as sprouts, tea made from seeds or juice of fresh alfalfa leaves. This juice could be taken with carrot juice or some other organic drink.
12) Musk melon : With its combination of calcium, potassium and sodium, it stimulates milk production in nursing mothers.
13) Raw papaya is eaten as a curry by women to stimulate secretion of breast milk.
14) Whole potatoes : When baked or roasted in their skins.
15) Black gram dhal (Urad dhal) as also parsley and amaranth increase production of breast milk. Dhal should generally be taken in the mornings.
16) The leaves or seeds of fennel (Kala Zeera) boiled in barley water and drunk are good for increasing the breast milk.
17) An admixture made with aniseed (Sonf) taken on empty stomach increases both the quality and the quantity of breast milk.

18) Milk of peanuts extracted by wet crushing of these nuts which have been soaked in water for 24 hours. This peanut milk should be diluted before being given to the mother.
19) Diluted grass juice. Nothing else should be consumed for at least two hours thereafter to help assimilation.
20) Garlic, tamarind and cotton seeds also help in increasing milk supply.
21) Soups and red gram also stimulate milk production.


Beetroot Chutney

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